Clone Record

Clone Record Professional Solution is available

Our Professional Clone solution will also only take just 2 – 5 minutes to import and enable the solution. It is available for Test Drive on App Source.

Our Professional “Clone Solution” will enable to clone multiple copies(up to 10 clone records) of the record in a single click. 

Pricing @ $25 USD + Local taxes (Per instance for Online / Per Server for On-Premise).

The community free version is available below.

Free Clone Record Solution

The Clone Record solution allows the business user to create a clone record of existing record in just a Single Click in Microsoft D365 Customer Engagement. 

PRAMITISOFT's Clone Record Solution

Download Free Clone Record Solution

Free Clone Record Solution


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Business Pain Points

The standard D365 CRM functionality does not allow to create copy/copies of any entity records in CRM easily. It is a tedious process of export, copy/paste into new line and import back to CRM.

Typical Consumer

Any business user that uses CRM and wants to replicate data in CRM, especially in terms of Leads, Quotes, Opportunities, etc for any given reason will have to do it manually.


Our solution will only take just 2 – 5 minutes to import and enable the solution.

Our Free “Clone Solution” will enable business to duplicate an entity record in single click using the UI in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CE D365 without any hassles and start working with the cloned/copied record in a jiffy.